Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mount Gambier Public Library

I wish the Mount Gambier Library had been this flash when I worked here,
It is a totally different creature.

This has computer terminals for access to catalogues,
lower shelving for easy access to all the books.

Rooms that can be hired,
a computer room where free lessons are held,
lots of public access terminals as well as free wifi
and a whole lot more.

A fabulous kids section
That also runs lots of children's program's during the holidays
(I'm glad they have kept that going and developed it even further, the children really loved the ones we used to run)

And even better, there is a cafe within the library,
You can either sit in the cafe area or they will bring it to you in the library.

But what I like most of all is these comfy chairs

There are three of them and they come with a power point,
which means at the moment I'm sitting with my feet up relaxing,
while online on my iPad as I recharge it at the same time.


  1. I love libraries, they are sadly and endangered species here in the UK and we campaign and fight to save ours every day. Our government are insane. I loved having and insight into your library, thanks for sharing.

  2. REally lovely set up your library has.. so cozy. We too do have similar set ups in our libraries here in Singapore and the kids love visiting them :)

  3. Your libbrary looks great and I love that chair! Sadly I find that public libraries are becoming les and less used despite all the services thay offer, for free too. Hopefully posts like this will help remind us all of their important place in our society. Thanks for sharing, from fellow "UBCer" Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

  4. It was either change with the times (getting folks in) or disappear into the grime...

  5. This library is always busy....majority of public access computers are always busy, they get schools/classes in regularly, they have authors giving talks, the cafe seems to be often playing Xbox?? games while the wait for their parents...comfy chairs along a large window that gets the afternoon sun, free newspapers, study rooms and tables....hive of activity, its great to see


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